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The Summer

July is here with the hot Houston temperature. My thoughts take me home to Iceland where the summer breeze is cool and the mountains are blue and match the sky. July was the month my late mother celebrated her birthday. We went camping and fishing up in the country together. It is the best time of the year in Iceland. The endless daylight, calm cool nights and the fragrance of birch and aspen trees fill the air. This is my first summer, since I moved to the US, that I don´t fly home!

I read Joanna Gain's blog the other day and she inspired me in many ways! One was that she wrote about her friends that write down memorable things when they dine out. Write on the back of the receipt. I thought it was such a sweet idea. Something I would like to start doing. I told my husband about it. He thought it was sweet as well. We are going to try it next time we go out and for the rest of the year! One thing that made me think is that we eat at home 90% of the time. Maybe we keep a little notebook at our kitchen table instead and write in it when we feel like it and when we sit at the table reflecting what the day gave us! Not a bad idea either!

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The summer heat.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am from Iceland. A cold climate! Used to summer temperatures that range from 16-20 Degrees Celsius (60-70 F). Today we have 34 degrees Celsius and 55% humidity making it feel like it is almost 40 degrees! 20 degrees C higher than in Iceland. That is a lot for someone from a cold climate! The heat is really starting to get to me and we have many months to go!

My Workshop

I only have a standing Honeywell AC in my workshop and it is not keeping up with the outside temperature and humidity. It is affecting my ability to work. I don't know how Texans do it.​​ I sweat like an open faucet! This morning I opened the door to leave my house and the heat hit me right in the face! Just like a hot baking oven minus the delicious cookie smell.


My 5 year old Cat Viktor passed suddenly! It was hard, cats are the best ​​company and loving pets. I wasn't planning on getting one right away. I wanted to save up for a new Russian Blue which is quite expensive. On June 1st I drove to Trader Joe´s to buy groceries. On my way past Petco I saw that OPI had an pet adoption fair. I went inside and there was Mocha. Sweet little Mocha that lives with us now. We are all very happy and he has filled the empty place with lot's of love. It felt so good to save a pets live. Please see what OPI is doing to save pets.

Summer visit

The best thing I know is when my family comes for a visit. Our son came in July with his girlfriend and niece. It was so

wonderful. We made good food. They did Cross Fit at our patio and sunbathed a lot and recuperated! It was the best 2 1/2 weeks. -We saw cool sides of Austin. Checked out Houston. Played mini Golf and celebrated 4th of July like real Americans, played outdoor games, barbecued and fought with a crowd of hungry flies celebrating as well! The visit came to an end and we dropped the three of them off at the DFW international airport. They were heading back home to Iceland. Oh how I wanted to jump on the plane with them and go home too! See you soon! I love you! -Good bye´s are not my strongest side!

My love for cooking

Cooking is one of my favorite thing to do. I should have been a Master baker or a Master Chef and I giggle about the thought. My first cook book was The Mickey Mouse cook Book and I was only 7.​​ Since then I have collected so many cook books made so delicious meals, cookies and cakes. I am ever thankful for being allowed to work in the kitchen as much as I wanted.

I read the recipes like poetry. I read through ingredients and study the recipes. I search more information if I do not recognize a spice or unfamiliar ingredient. I am curious. I brows the beautiful photos and plan to make the meal. There is nothing like enjoying new flavors at home. My latest book is the True Food Kitchen which my husband gave me. It is a great book and lovely to read too. The conversations between the 3 men that established the company is a good read. I have yet to make any of the recipes but it will happen. I have only had the book for two days now but eaten at the restaurant many times. I like healthy food at a healthy restaurants but love to eat at home!

“…I’m not going to pretend it’s not scary to dig in, to fight for something within yourself that you may not even be able to name. But that’s nothing compared to the aftermath should we choose to pretend that it’s safer to stay the same. Every day, every hour—we get to decide who we are meant to be. The breath in our lungs is the official declaration that we’ve got more growing to do.

Joanne Gains

Wishing you all a happy summer and please stay Cool! -Both in person and in hot temperatures, if you live in hot places.