Iceland from above. Unrefined. but delicate design on the Domed Multi stone Silver ring By Sædís. The texture is inspired by the course texture of the Lava in Iceland and gives the ring it's unique look. Each ring is set with 10 round Gemstones that range from 1-5mm in size. (1x5mm, 2x4mm, 3x3mm,  2x2mm and 2x1mm)

Handcrafted. Original Design by Sædís



Sterling Silver
Gemstones Round genuine Amethyst 1.00 mm - 5.00 mm

Gemstones: 10 pcs

Made from orginal mold by Sædís


The photos and the design is solely Sædís's property and shall not be copied, downloaded or used without Sædís's consent!

Silver Iceland from above Kúptur Dome Ring