The Guardian on a heart necklace by Sædís, was first made for a friend that was fighting cancer. I fealt the need to give her something that could give her the feeling of a protection. An guardian angel where the heart reprecented the wings of hope and freedome. It was just a small gift of encurigement from me to her, -while she was up against this difficult disease. She has unfortunately passed on but her daughter carries the pendant feeling her precence in the jewelry. I have one on me every day.

The guardians are handmade and One of a kind. Original design by Sædís


Sterling Silver

Fresh water pear

Silver chain length: (16") 42cm, (18") 45cm, ( 20") 50cm


This pendant is meant to be symbolic for hope, freedome and love.



Designs and photos are solely Sædís property and shall not be used or copied without her consent!



Silver Guardian on a Heart