This Handmade Silver Rring with Icelandic Lava was specially made for a mother of 5 children. She wanted a uniqe ring that would remind her of her trip to Iceland and her children. This ring is handmade and one of a kind. It is shown here to give you option for a symbolic ring with Icelandic lava stones. All stones are natual and therefore unique in shape. Therefore, no  ring will be the same and each one have a different story.  It is made upon order with your specifics. The band can be made narrow and finer if requested. Please choose the band size below. Original design by Sædís with quality craftmanship and high standards.


Kindly allow up to 2 weeks in making.


Sterling Silver

Width on band: 1.5-10mm

Finish: Brushed satine finish

Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (sizes larger than 7 will have an extra charge)


Design and photos are solely Sædís property and shall not be copied or used without her consent!

Silver Icelandic Lava Multistone Ring