Keep Iceland near yout!


The Iceland Gold Ring in The Iceland Collection@ by Sædís is a unique design with classic, vintage and romantic style. The Oval bezel keeps a hidden secret situated on the backside. The hidden secret is Iceland, your favorite. The natural forces in Iceland are colored coated. White for Ice, blue for the ocean, red for the fire and black for Lava.

Here we have the red stone for fire and you can have a matching ring as well.


Each ring is handcrafted and stone set by Sædís.

Original design by Sædís


Gold Ring: made upon order, price on ring can change due to gold market prices.

Gemstone color: Red

Gemstone: Mozambique Garnet, imitation
Gemstone size: 12x10


The Iceland design and photos are solely Sædís property and shall not be copied or remade. Photos cannot be used without Sædís consent!

Iceland Ring with Red Gemstone Gold