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Icelandic entrepreneur and a fine jeweller that moved  and works independently on creating and selling handmade jewelry online. Workshop based in Texas. More? Read further!


I am the person behind my jewelry designs. I am the maker, the designer, the goldsmith, the polisher, the stone setter and whatever task there is in my studio. Each piece of jewelry goes through my hands and is worked on until it is shining and beautiful and ready to be someone’s jewelry. I love my time in my studio and at my work bench where I create. It can be challenging sometimes and tedious but when you succeed it is very rewarding personally. Jewelry is an art form that you wear and is appreciated for its beauty. Many hours of work are often hidden in a tiny piece of handmade jewelry that does not come from an assembly line. The prices are higher because there are hours of labor and uniqueness in the piece. I cast some of jewelry designs to be able to produce more than one with the same look. I work on each piece by hand and set the stones. The castings are raw and need a lot of work until they are ready.  This is what I call hand crafted.


Jewelry is meaningful and it connects people, awakes memories and brings up feelings. It is the best part of my job because I love to make people smile!

The Goldsmith & the artist

Being born and raised in a beautiful and safe country as Iceland is shapes you as a person. The family, the people, the nature, the weather, the culture, the traditions, the artistry and the history! My mother raised me with my sisters. and I am ever thankful for her accomplishments and hard work as a single mother. My father passed on as a young man. Both live in my heart every day!

I have amazing friends and a caring husband. I was a young mother which has been the most beautiful and amazing thing to experience in the world. To see a little person, grow up so beautifully is something I don't take for granted. I have lived in Iceland with my family for the most part of my life but lived in Canada for a year and America for 7+ years. I love to travel and meet new people and learn as long as I live.

I am an islander and a Viking!

My Heart

A handmade jewelry that is created again may have similarities to the first one but it will never be exactly the same. It has its own character. It is unique.


I established my online store Sædis while I was a studying goldsmithing back in 2007.

I have managed the website by myself and everything around it.

Saedis.com has been running successfully since I opened it 12 years ago. Orders have shipped from my desk around the world.  To America from Iceland, to Australia from America and so on. I have chosen to ship to most countries in the world but not all due to a bad experience I had. 
My customers have been the best and loyal. Some have stayed in touch and shared photos with me. Others have become my friends and share their love for Iceland.

I am thankful for being able to carry on in this competitive and fast world. It is all thanks to my loyal customers!

My Online Store

I am a child of nature and seek inspiration from objects and texture found around me. Nature gives me energy and connects me to my inner self. I grew up traveling around Iceland and learned early to enjoy what nature has to give. The scenery, the nature, the wild life and weather, it is all unique where ever you are. 

I love to walk barefoot in the cold Icelandic grass or lay flat on the ground next to a lake, listening to the music that nature gives you. I love seasons, and I am a winter person too and love snow, blizzards and The

Northern lights that show up in the frozen sky and move gracefully I will never be bored looking at them.

Lover of Nature

I have been creating jewelry since I graduated. First as an apprentice for master goldsmiths and then in my workshop and a member of Gallery Thors where I sold my work. Later I opened my own workshop and gallery in Reykjavík, Sædís gullsmiðja, by the Old Harbor. I renovated the old fisherman shut with the help of my husband and son. The outcome was a beautiful gallery in a romantic setting by the sea. I had my store for 3 years but let it go when I moved to America. My time at the harbor is unforgettable and precious. It was a great experience and met people from all over the world! Opportunity knocked on our door and we moved to USA in 2012. Since then we have been in Texas and California, and my work studios in Berkeley, San Francisco and now in Houston.